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Space Services

We analyze the space services market development trends for low Earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) satellite constellations. Our research provides an insight into the development prospects of such market segments as communication, navigation, remote sensing, traffic monitoring, etc.

Launch Services

Personalized research of the launch services market takes into account the specific requirements of each particular mission, which allows our customers to obtain accurate and up-to-date information about the market segment of interest. We work with the world’s leading launch providers, as well as the new small launchers’ manufacturers.

Tanegashima & Uchinoura


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Tanegashima & Uchinoura

Our experience in the launch services market makes it possible to conclude a contract with a launch provider under the best conditions for our customer in terms of the launch schedule, launch price and technical capabilities.


Our team of experts will present the launch program for launching a constellation of satellites and select suitable options for launching a single satellite.

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For new start-up projects our experts will work on the strategic planning and develop a business plan for potential investors.

System Engineering

Our experts conduct a full range of the mission analyses such as thermal analysis, structural strength analysis, combined loads analysis, ballistic analysis, electromagnetic compatibility analysis, etc. We assist with the satellite-launcher interface document development and environmental test planning for the required launch vehicle. This optimizes the mission schedule and allows saving time and costs for the customer.

Space debris

Space Debris Monitoring

We work on refining the existing models of space debris distribution in low Earth orbits (LEO). An assessment of the distribution of fields of the particles, which cannot be observed by ground-based stations from the Earth surface is provided. New distribution models will help to qualitatively improve mission critical analyses for customers with the calculation of the satellites’ active lifetime on target orbits.

Space Physice Research

Space Physics Research

New directions of space commercialization are also foreseen by our team. We conduct research and experiments in the field of radiation and cosmic rays study, the acceleration and the sources of corpuscular radiation and plasma in space, the effect of solar radiation in near space, etc.


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iSky Technology is a Czech New Space company established in 2016. iSky Technology is actively developing in the segment of mission strategic planning and “turn-key” space market analyses. iSky Technology develops conceptual solutions for businesses in the space industry from the satellite design to successful launch and on orbit operation.

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